Proud to join over 100 other lawyers in signing a declaration of conscience withholding our services from supporting new fossil fuel projects & prosecuting peaceful climate protesters. In the week that the IPCC issued its ‘final warning to humanity’, lawyers must act responsibly

Re: the unfolding banking crisis: Do you think there might be – just might be – a link between (a) the moral calibre and insane greed of bankers and (b) the fact they seem incapable of good corporate governance and effective risk management? 🤔
#NationaliseTheBanks #Max12to1

I’m really puzzled about the potential implications of the #PrivilegesCommittee investigation for ordinary citizens. So now if you break rules are you allowed to make a case that you were assured by someone else at the time that you didn’t and get away with denying it? 👀

This is the head of OFSTED Amanda Spielman. She descends from the O’Brien baronets and from the Kings of Thomond. She attended an exclusive boarding school and is married to the managing director of @Citibank. She has no teaching experience. I wonder how she got the job?

Given the ambition and desire for self enhancement of leading politicians, I am puzzled that after the latest IPCC Report, there is no head of state anywhere who wants to organise a proper global response to the climate crisis and pose as the saviour of humanity.

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