@ProfRGWilkinson @benphillips76 @djaffarshalchi Richard, Ben, @dannydorling – feast your eyes on this fantastic data visualization of the wealth of Bezos’ and America’s richest 400.

Best I’ve ever seen.


➡️ “Memo from a Multi-Millionaire: Covid-19 Proves Business Case for Taxing the Rich.” Check out this new IPS piece by stellar Danish entrepreneur @djaffarshalchi and me. Please share it, especially with rich people. http://www.ipsnews.net/2020/05/memo-multi-millionaire-covid-19-proves-business-case-taxing-rich/

Nick Robinson to Rishi Sunak after discussing “a whole series of emergencies” facing the UK: “When you discover who’s been running the country for the past 12 years, you’re going to be really cross, aren’t you?”

Can we all just agree now that @MartinSLewis is, in effect, the UK chancellor since the person who’s supposed to be doing the job has apparently given up? #Max12to1

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